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Beyond Brainstorming
-From Confusion to Clarity
  • Make your problem-solving sessions really productive.
  • Experience a variety of Techniques to expand everyone’s solution generating abilities.
  • Capitalize on the brain power your group already has.
Get Out of Your In-Box
  • Just luck or talent aren’t enough.
  • Learn practical, concrete methods to maximize your ability to succeed.
  • Find out how to function our of your “in-box.”
Creating Leadership
-The Frankenstein Model
  • Visit the famous doctor to tackle the old question – “Are leaders born or are they created?”
  • Explore leadership development from a really different perspective.
  • Determine the qualities and characteristics your group needs for their leaders.
Team Building
– How “You and Me” Become “We”
  • Help your Team achieve its goals.
  • Find out how team members can really enjoy working together.
  • Motivate your teams to accomplish more.

Decison Drivers

decisiondriversWhy don’t we make the best decision the first time around? Because we let what we don’t have, drive what we think we need. Or because we don’t use a process. Or because we allow our personalities to drive the decision.We focus on all the wrong reasons and all the wrong ways to solve a problem and we end up making Defective Decisions™. Then we have to go back and make another decision to fix that Defective Decision™.

What we all need to be doing is making Deliberate Decisions™—that’s where you are in charge; solving the right problem with your best brainpower.

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